Progress Is Key!

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I want to take this time to congratulate Cole, the newest Hair Science Barber School graduate! You’ve worked hard and never let any circumstance get in your way of completing your goal of finishing the program. I am proud of you, and can truly say it has been an honor to see your growth as a barber and as a person.

Cole will be available at Hair Science on Monday- Friday 10am-6pm. Appointments preferred, walk-ins welcome!!



We’re still celebrating Cole’s graduation and the start of his professional career. Dab.

Cole will be available at Hair Science on Monday- Friday 10am-6pm. Appointments preferred, walk-ins welcome!



Team building is really important in work and learning environments. Meeting team goals involves being able to talk, listen, correct others, and receive criticism. Throwing in some jokes every now and then doesn’t hurt either. We should be working just as hard on team goals as we do on individual goals. Keep pushing!



Found this one in the archives of the executive chef and sous chef on Mother’s Day. My nephew and I made this cake for the women of our family, and it’s definitely a memory that brought a smile to my face.


Hair Science, where details are everything.


Join us on August 14 at Valley of the Moon Park from 2-6 pm as we host our Customer Appreciation BBQ and distribute school supplies to local children.


Learning While Living: Give Your All, Daily

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Consistency is necessary and shouldn’t be overlooked. Don’t give anyone a reason to dismiss your talents because you aren’t dependable. Show up ready to work, and give your all — every day.



Life is about constantly learning and knowing how to take instruction. Refusing guidance could be the difference between being mediocre and being great.



The world is at our fingertips, which means we have an abundance of resources that can help us better ourselves professionally and personally. Online tutorials, books, and how-to videos can sharpen what we already know, and teach us new things. Keep improving, and keep pushing!



#TBT: We’ve come a long way, and we don’t take any of it for granted. Thank you all for your support through the years.


Alton Sterling’s funeral was held earlier today. Sending prayers to his friends and family. Rest easy sir… #hislifemattered #blm


Latest Hair Science News, Week 6/21-6/26

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June 22, 2016

It sounds so simple, but doing the right thing is really difficult sometimes, especially when doing wrong gets quicker results.

Personally, I want to be able to hold my head up high at all times, knowing I took the legitimate route versus the short cut.

They say character is doing the right thing even when no one is looking, so let’s remain trustworthy and honest. The harvest will reveal your seeds. Keep pushing!


June 23, 2016

Remember where you were at a few years ago? Look at the progress you’ve made. Keep pushing!


June 25, 2016

We’re at it again! Give us a call to schedule your weekend haircut.


No Experience Needed

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Stop letting fear hold you back. Get started today.

At our barber school, we proudly provide our students with the knowledge and experience needed to be professionals in today’s industry.

No prior experience is needed, and having a clean slate can actually be a plus. We’re here to teach and produce barbers. We don’t expect you to walk in as one. Push your fear aside, and come see what we’re about.


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Word to the Wise Wednesday 4/20

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Remember the master was once a student.

I am proud to say at Hair Science we have talented students who perform quality services, which these images of recent haircuts show. Their professionalism and customer service are second to none.

If you enjoy seeing people grow and want to support their journeys into greatness, then, hopefully, you’ll provide them the opportunity to show you what they’ve got!

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