“Let me start by saying I had absolutely no prior experience cutting hair before I started here at Hair Science Barber School, however within these few months that I’ve been there my confidence and skills have improved immensely. It’s a truly positive and productive learning environment, I have no doubt that when I complete my time I will be more than prepared for the next chapter of my life. The information that I’m learning goes far beyond the realm of just barbering, I’m learning key principles that will aid me in every aspect of life. It’s definitely one of a kind.”

—Rodney D.


“Walked in for the first time today. I was greeted with a hand shake and if I would like a coffee or water for my wait…which for as busy as it looked wasn’t too long. Kid friendly as 3 kids around the ages of 6-8 had DETAIL cuts without a fuss and made it look fun. I did notice it is a training salon. 3 different people worked on me but I will say they knew what they were doing as they would ask for help before they made a move and the owner/teacher would check in on them. Small mistakes where made (None I would notice) and he would instruct them. I respect that! I came in looking like a bum with long bad hair and left feeling like a businessman and 5 lbs lighter on top. Loved the atmosphere, music, and most… The attention to detail…5 stars because it didn’t feel like the “stuffy get your butt out the door” place. Had such a good laugh and service there too I may go back before a need a real trim…Thanks guys!”

—John K.


“When I stepped in, all the barbers looked so professional in vests I was surprised. Everyone was polite and cool, offering me a donut and the kids some candy. Shawn cut my hair so precisely and perfectly; he even pulled out the razor. Definitely will be going back.”

—Tommy C.


“I love Hair Science. Shawn is a great instructor. They are always well dressed and have a positive attitude. Very knowledgeable. I was going to a different barber for awhile but they never cut my kids hair how I asked. I also like the fact that they care about their community and help people who need it. Thank you guys for excellent service.”

—Anita R.